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Colloque « Comics and Agency – Actors, Publics, Participation »

ComFor’s 15th annual conference aims to intensify a dialogue between the various disciplinary approaches to the medium of comics and related popular narrative images (including manga, graphic novels or cartoons) by focusing on the concept of medial, mediated, and mediating agency. Building on perspectives from actor-network theory and subsequent approaches to a possible actor-media theory, the conference aims to reconstruct the complexities of distributed agency within historical and contemporary cultures of comics. An “actor” is here understood as any entity that becomes recognizable as the catalyst or cause of interrelated, complex chains of action, transformation, or reconfiguration. According to “new materialist” approaches, agency can not only be attributed to “natural” persons, but also to “things” as heterogeneous as materialities, devices, inscriptions, or programs within complex configurations or assemblages. The ComFor conference is going to focus primarily on the interrelations between (groups of) individual, collective, and institutional or corporate actors. [...]

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Bande dessinée en Asie de l’Est

Dans le cadre de l’Année BD 2020 lancée en France par le Ministère de la Culture, ce colloque propose de revenir sur tout un pan de la bande dessinée mondiale selon une approche régionale, centrée sur l’aire est-asiatique. Il s’agit de décentrer le point de vue habituellement focalisé sur les bandes dessinées américaine ou franco-belge, et d’élargir les discours déjà nombreux sur le manga japonais à d’autres traditions voisines, en Corée, en Chine, à Taïwan, à Hong Kong. Lire l’appel en entier Lieu : Université de Paris – Campus Paris Diderot Date : 19-21 novembre 2021 Langue : français Date limite d’envoi des propositions : 1 juin 2020 Contact : Jacques Dürrenmatt (jacques.durrenmatt@paris-sorbonne.fr), Marie Laureillard (marie.laureillard@univ-lyon2.fr)  et Norbert Danysz (norbert.danysz@ens-lyon.fr)

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Journée masterant·e·s

Conformément aux mesures prises par le gouvernement pour éviter la propagation du coronavirus, la Brèche a décidé de reporter sa journée des masterant·e·s. Plus d'informations à suivre dès que possible.  La Brèche, association de recherche en bande dessinée, organise le 4 avril 2020 sa première journée des masterant·e·s en partenariat avec la CIBDI. Le but de cet évènement est de permettre à des masterant·e·s travaillant autour du medium bande dessinée de venir présenter leurs recherches durant une présentation orale suivie d’échanges avec le public. Cette journée permettra aussi de mettre en contact des personnes travaillant autour de la bande dessinée. Les masterant·e·s qui envisagent de continuer dans le milieu de la recherche auront l’occasion de rencontrer des personnes qui pourront répondre à d’éventuelles questions. Qui peut participer ? Toute personne en première ou deuxième année de master qui souhaite présenter sa recherche devant un public et rencontrer des chercheurs·euse·s et [...]

La Fabrique de la bande dessinée

La bande dessinée a souvent été abordée au travers d’un prisme sémiotique, ce qui est en soi tout à fait légitime. Mais la bande dessinée ce n’est pas seulement un Texte, ou plutôt un hybride texte-image, c’est aussi des auteurs qui en font les scénarios et qui les dessinent, des éditeurs (et des imprimeurs ainsi que des distributeurs), petits ou grands, aux logiques plus ou moins expérimentales, des supports variés, de la revue au numérique en passant par l’album notamment, des festivals qui la célèbrent, du plus connu au plus méconnu, des libraires –souvent passionnés- qui la vendent, notamment dans des boutiques spécialisées, des bibliothécaires –non moins passionnés- qui la mettent en avant dans leurs médiathèques grâce à des expositions ou des conférences, des critiques également qui en parlent et singulièrement dans des revues papiers ou sur des sites internet…Bref, la bande dessinée c’est tout un monde de créateurs [...]

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Colloque « Transitions 9 »

Transitions is a platform for emerging research in comics that is free to attend and participate in. This event is focused towards postgraduate and early career speakers, and usually draws a diverse crowd of both new and more established researchers, as well as creators, aficionados and other interested parties. Our aim is to build connections between comics scholars working in diverse academic departments and contexts, to provide a platform for productive debate, and to create a space from which further collaborations can emerge. Lire l’appel en entier Lieu : Birbeck, University of London Date : 21 mars 2020 Langue : anglais Date limite d’envoi des propositions : 1 janvier 2020 Contact : transitionssymposium@gmail.com

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The Comics of Karen Berger

This volume, which is under contract with the University Press of Mississippi and its series Critical Approaches to Comics Artists, will offer the first extended study of the creative editorial practices of Karen Berger, founder of DC Comics’ revolutionaryVertigo imprint and one of the most lauded names in contemporary comics publishing. Collecting original essays on subjects spanning Berger’s career—as an editor at DC, founder and editor of Vertigo, co-editor of DC’s Minx imprint, a freelance editor with publishers such as Image Comics, and editor of the titular Berger Books imprint at Dark Horse Comics—this volume seeks to forge concrete links between Berger’s editorialpraxis and the comics she publishes. Lire l’appel en entier Editeur : University Press of Mississippi Langue : anglais Modalités de soumission : abstract de 500-750 mots et biographie à envoyer à pour le 28 février 2020; retour des propositions le 31 mars 2020 et chapitres complets à [...]

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Colloque « Nineteenth-Century Transmedia Practices »

While transmediality is a recent concept, it is also a historical practice. This international symposium aims to address this historicity, with particular focus on the long nineteenth century (ca. 1780 –1920), a century that famously saw the birth of the mass media and brought the "frenzy of the visible" (J.-L. Comolli 1980). Tracing the processes, economies, and technologies involved in transmedia practices and the aesthetics of expansion and transgression in the long nineteenth century will allow international experts – from media, cultural, and literary studies along with other disciplines – to spotlight specific configurations in the past and their reconfigurations in our present moment. Lire l’appel en entier Lieu : University of Vienna, Austria Date : 30 janvier – 1 février 2020 Langue : anglais Date limite d’envoi des propositions : 30 novembre 2019 Contact : Organizers: Monika Pietrzak-Franger (monika.pietrzak-franger@univie.ac.at); Christina Meyer (christina.meyer1@fu-berlin.de)

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Comics and Education

Articles are invited for a special issue of Studies in Comics (11.1) on the theme of Comics and Education. Comics have enjoyed a resurgence in the classroom as educators, creators, and scholars have come to recognise the diverse ways in which the medium can be used to support literacy, communication skills, and creativity. Significantly, the use of comics for and as education also promotes cross-medial learning, as readers may use the form as a starting point for further reading, but also to enhance and supplement other pedagogical materials. As Syma and Weiner argue, “it is no longer a question of whether sequential art should be used in educational settings, but rather how to use it and for what purpose” (2013, 1). Comics present an immersive, engaging, and memorable tool for communication because they require the reader to actively participate in the meaning-making process by utilising verbal, visual, spatial, and gestural [...]

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Comics & Travel

Comics are a static medium capable of rendering the most dynamic and fantastic forms of travel. This conference seeks papers that engage with comics and travel in a range of ways, drawing on multiple disciplines and comic genres, as well as the practicie of the movement of comics themselves: as artefacts and vessels for ideas and ideologies. From representations of international movement to comics used to help narrate mogrant experience, from graphic journalism to Lois Lane, from consideration of the practicial aspects of depicting movement to the reception of comics having themselves travelled, whether domestically or internationally, this conference looks to bring tohgether scholars diverse in both approaches and geography to provide an sinisght into the broadly conceived area of comics and travel Lire l’appel en entier Lieu : Oxford, R.U. Date : 5 juillet 2019 Date limite d’envoi des propositions : 8 mars Contact : comics@torch.ox.ac.uk [...]

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Storyworlds and Transmedia Universes

The notion of a storyworld, or a shared universe within which the settings, characters, objects, events, and actions of one or more narrative are present, existed long before the present day media. Examples include myths and legends of antiquity, folktales and Arthurian romances. Today’s storyworlds, described by Mark Wolf (2012) as, “transnarrative, transmedia, and transauthorial in nature” (14), open up fresh opportunities. Storyworlds have found a fertile terrain in comic strips and graphic novels. After all, the text/images form provides narratives dedicated to specific characters, times and places; these narratives are often used as source material for adaptations in film, games and broadcast media. Consequently creators, fans and corporations can interact with other forms beyond comics, thereby developing characters and narratives, as well as exploring new storytelling methods. Lire l’appel en entier Lieu : Manchester Metropolitan University Date :24-28 juin 2019 Date limite d’envoi des propositions : 1 février [...]

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