The notion of a storyworld, or a shared universe within which the settings, characters, objects, events, and actions of one or more narrative are present, existed long before the present day media. Examples include myths and legends of antiquity, folktales and Arthurian romances. Today’s storyworlds, described by Mark Wolf (2012) as, “transnarrative, transmedia, and transauthorial in nature” (14), open up fresh opportunities. Storyworlds have found a fertile terrain in comic strips and graphic novels. After all, the text/images form provides narratives dedicated to specific characters, times and places; these narratives are often used as source material for adaptations in film, games and broadcast media. Consequently creators, fans and corporations can interact with other forms beyond comics, thereby developing characters and narratives, as well as exploring new storytelling methods.

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Lieu : Manchester Metropolitan University

Date :24-28 juin 2019

Date limite d’envoi des propositions : 1 février 2019

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