Comics and graphic novels – revue Paradoxa

What can a transnational analysis of the development of comics and graphic novels teach us about the nature of the genre? Do the exchanges and circulations (of authors, characters, styles, subjects, publishing formats…) between national traditions allow for a rewriting of the evolution of graphic narratives, outside of nation-based or linguistic models? What do these migrations tell us about any immutable or invariable properties potentially common to graphic narratives, independently of their chronological and geographical positioning, their intended audiences or their degree of cultural recognition? How and to what extent can the historiography of comics and graphic novels benefit from adopting a global approach to the subject? This issue of Paradoxa will explore comics and/or graphic novels. Lire l’appel en entier Revue : Paradoxa Langue : anglais Modalités de soumission : résumé de 500 mots à envoyer avant le 1er septembre 2019 Contact :